39,500 THB

Q2 contains our most advanced technology and does everything a Barista could wish for.

The best thing, it offers a “Precision Tamp” setting, that causes zero suction and allows baristas to use a bigger diameter tamper base to optimize extraction.

Second, it’s tamp is even more level and it needs less cleaning on the job than before.

It has the same small foot print as Q1 but comes in Matt Black or Matt White.
Together with the aluminum finished details it looks stunning on every counter.

2 Years Factory Warranty!


WE TAMP FLAT That’s right, and so do you probably. So why would you need Puqpress? Well let us start by saying: we wish you to have a BIG line of customers every day. We are certain your tamp is Exquisite. But how is your time spend best? We think by having a good time with your customers and by ensuring consistent quality for each coffee you serve. And isn’t that easier when there is no need to control every single variable? Tamping is important and this jolly fellow is happy to do this precise- and heavy task for you. We promise he will serve you 365 days of the year and give an occasional smile while doing so.