vbm domobar jr hx

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    74,900 THB


    • System with single 1.1 L boiler for water and steam supply, equipped with heat exchanger. It’s based on the thermosiphonic circulation system with a dedicated heat exchanger for every group head. HX technology, optimized to work in combination with VBM’s E61 group heads.
    • Pre-calibrated thermostat for control of the correct pressure in the boiler.
    • The heating element is constituted by an electrical resistor immersed in the boiler; it allows the heating of the water and the steam production.
    • Dispensing unit in chrome-plated brass.
    • Vibration pump.
    • Water / steam nozzle in chrome-plated copper with ergonomic knob.
    • Water tanks in plastic for food use having a capacity of 2.5 lt.
    • Control of water level of the reservoir through the sensor.
    • Indicator lights for power of the machine, inserting the resistance, lack of water in the tank.
    • Gauge indicating the pressure of the pump.
    • Pressure gauge indicating the pressure of the steam.
    74,900 THB